• rudi junior digital art march 2022
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    Digitale Kunst Rudi Junior

    Im März 2022 hat Rudi sich diesmal für eine digitales Werkzeug entschieden. Pinsel, Wasserfarben, Ölfarben weichen für einen Moment zur Seite und haben das digitale Wirken des Meister erstaunt betrachtet. Hier sind einige Kunstwerke von Rudi vom März 2022. Wir sind der Meinung diese sind gelungen. Sicherlich folgen noch mehr Arbeiten. Tipp: Die Bilder dieser Online Galerie sind besser anzusehen wenn ein Bild angeklickt wird. Besonders wichtig für Smartphones. Bald kannst du diese Kunstwerke im Online Shop finden und dich für einen geeignetes Print / Druck Material entscheiden. Wir freuen uns auf dein Feedback. Hinterlasse uns doch eine Nachricht im Kommentarbereich. Ebenso sind Fragen an Rudi jederzeit willkommen. Entweder benutzt…

  • Rudi Junior Chiang Mai Artist
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    Rudi Junior -The further I travel the clearer it gets

    Rudi Junior: „I’m not here. I’m lost in time, swimming in the eternal ocean of the Universe. My name is Rudi Junior. I was born in 1968 in the city of Algier in Algeria when my mother worked there in the German embassy. I am an artist. I am a survivor, like we all are survivors, floating through the evolution and the existence of being a human. If you look close, you might see me somehow.“ Time proceeds and defines our existence „Two years later I moved to Germany where I grew up. Very early I had an interest in the beyond and wanted to express myself through painting, drawing…

  • Rudi Junior contemporary art chiang mai 2001
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    Rudi Junior – Contemporary Abstract Art

    Rudi Junior- In the year 1995 and henceforth towards the millennia is a traveler through the philosophies of the contemporary arts. Nevertheless, he will not describe managing a life like the movie title “the unbearable lightness of being” as Rudi Junior is a person of utmost respect how people manage life with little and even less then little. The following is an updated version of the Chiang Mai News appearance two decades ago. Despite the immediate thoughts of the American anglophiles, this week’s personality will never become Ruediger Senior. Junior is the surname of a man with a colorful past, an undoubted colorful future, and one who produces 60-70 colorful…

  • Rudi Junior abstract art
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    Abstract Art by Rudi Junior

    Rudi Junior – In 2019 Rudi and his spouse opened the “Baan Suan Rim Nahm” restaurant. He used this platform to display his pictures and make music (mostly free improvised jam sessions). This restaurant on the Ping River kept giving him new inspiration. So close to nature with a view of the river and the mountain Doi Suthep. There he exhibits his pictures in his small gallery and offers them to viewers and art lovers for sale. His longstanding friendship with the Thai artist Rungsak Dokbua should be mentioned here. Rungsak noticed Rudi when he exhibited in his restaurant. Rungsak Dokbua is now one of the most commercially successful artists in Thailand. There were also exhibitions at Kad Suan Keaw,…