Rudi Junior -The further I travel the clearer it gets

Rudi Junior: „I’m not here. I’m lost in time, swimming in the eternal ocean of the Universe. My name is Rudi Junior. I was born in 1968 in the city of Algier in Algeria when my mother worked there in the German embassy. I am an artist. I am a survivor, like we all are survivors, floating through the evolution and the existence of being a human. If you look close, you might see me somehow.“

Rudi Junior – Your wall – My Art

Time proceeds and defines our existence

„Two years later I moved to Germany where I grew up. Very early I had an interest in the beyond and wanted to express myself through painting, drawing and creating all sorts of things. I passed an art school entrance exam, but my parents wouldn’t agree to my studying art. So I’d practice in my free time while I studied other subjects. I ended up studying in Switzerland where I got a degree in hotel business. My parents traveled a lot and I always had an unsettled feeling, like a gypsy, always on the road. I worked in Italy, Switzerland and France, and finally landed in Thailand in 1991.“

Rudi Junior April 2020 – Chiang Mai

In 1991 in Thailand

Here I initially worked in a restaurant but quickly rediscovered art. It really was a breakthrough. I have been painting ever since and creating artistic works every day for four or five hours. But unfortunately, this alone does not pay the bills and, although I wish I didn’t have to do anything else, I have to make a living. So, I also manage and play music in a pub. I am a composer and a multi-instrumentalist. I play keyboard, drums, bass, and guitar, and I particularly love jazz.

„When I practice meditation and yoga, I can see things growing inside me.” For this, I met a famed monk, who gave me books with mantras written in Pali. Upon chanting them, I felt them rising in the sky. It was a very familiar feeling. I am not a religious person, but rather spiritual. I believe all religions come together in the universe. I take a bit of each religion, the best part, and make my own beliefs.

Art of Rudi Junior – The Artist for your office or your home

A Poem to describe Rudi and his Art

Art is the manifestation of the unseen
A channel of love and compassion rises through my spine
Bringing out colors in sparklin‘ tones
That enhances my nerves and bones
Let this love be universal
And be for everyone
Reach out and grab the sun
Before the rainbow covers you in mist
Please, let me be part
That’s what I call art

Deep meditation sends me on a journey into myself
Bringing out hidden treasures to the surface
So the world can see life is beauty, life is free

The further I travel the clearer it gets

I’m not here
I’m lost in time
Swimming in the eternal ocean of the Universe
Cosmic moments for me to taste
Our life’s sometimes such a waste

Rudi Junior – When all is balanced – Sometimes you need a difference

You like what you see

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