Abstract Art by Rudi Junior

Rudi Junior – In 2019 Rudi and his spouse opened the “Baan Suan Rim Nahm” restaurant. He used this platform to display his pictures and make music (mostly free improvised jam sessions). This restaurant on the Ping River kept giving him new inspiration. So close to nature with a view of the river and the mountain Doi Suthep. There he exhibits his pictures in his small gallery and offers them to viewers and art lovers for sale. His longstanding friendship with the Thai artist Rungsak Dokbua should be mentioned here. Rungsak noticed Rudi when he exhibited in his restaurant. Rungsak Dokbua is now one of the most commercially successful artists in Thailand. There were also exhibitions at Kad Suan Keaw, Chiang Mai and Chiang Mai, City Arts & Cultural Center, with many international artists, including Wattana Wattanapun.


We are very pleased to be able to admire five of his abstract pictures here.

RudiArt looks forward to your praise and impressions of these works of art.


As an Ex-Citizen of the town Amberg, Rudi Junior has never forgotten his homeland and has had several exhibitions there too. Among others in the “Wirtshaus & Hotel Goldener Greif” in Edelsfeld, and a small art gallery in Regensburg (unfortunately the name is no longer known to him). Rudi Junior was also able to place some articles in the Amberger Zeitung. With his then manager, R. Piluso, designed a room in the “Franzischer Hof” with his art, and also had an exhibition in Berlin / Schrannenplatz. He marketed his artwork on Novica.com

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